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Energy Usage

I am always looking for ways to use less gas and electricity in the home. I do not do this for the sake of being "green", I am just cheap. I hate wasting money.

Things done to reduce energy usage:
- Switched all the lights to compact florescent (over five years and non have blowed out yet)
- Switched the walk way lights to 1 Watt LEDs
- Switched planter box rope lights (80 Watt) to five 1 Watt LEDs
- Front loader washing machine uses 1/3 the electricity and 1/2 the water of a top loader.
- New refrigerator. (The old one was using 120 kilowatts a month. The new one uses only 40 kilowatts a month)
- Photo sensor activated garage and back porch lights
- Insulated the attic to R-38
- Motion sensors in garage and bathroom lights

Bad things we still do:
- Leave the thermostat at 73+ degrees F
- Porch light is left on 24 hours a day. Good thing it is only 14 Watts.

With all that we have done, we usually use 350 kilowatts a month of electricity. It is very rare that the total energy bill goes over $100 a month, even with the thermostat at 73!!!