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Phase III Detail: Interior

A. Budget
Since the build went way over budget, I will have to limit myself here. My plan is to say well under three grand for the interior.

B. Parts List:

Parts List for Phase III: The Interior
Part Acquired Installed
Interior kit
Euro shift arm and knob
Leather seats with warmers
Seat belts
Steering wheel
Steering wheel adapter
LCD rear view mirror
LCD touch screen for center dash
Blind spot camera
Radio antenna
Cellphone antenna

C. Dash:
I will have three gauges on the dash; Speed, Tach, and Water Temp. For fun, I will also have the gear select built into a seven segment LED and I will also build an LED circuit for the fuel level indicator. The stock Fiero fuel sender does not follow a linear path as the fuel empties. The first half of the fuel tank will fall much slower than the last half. I will build a simple little OHM reading circuit that I can set to turn off LEDs as the fuel is used. I will also build a circuit that when the tachometer nears the yellow line, the tachometer will blink yellow.

Water Temp Gauge

Instrument Cluster:
-Speedometer (analog dial)
-Tachometer (analog dial)
-Water Temperature (analog dial)
-Oil Pressure (analog dial)
-left blinker (green light)
-right blinker (green light)
-check engine (orange light)
-high beam (blue light)

I ran out of funds for this project and have decided to reuse the stock Fiero speedometer and tachometer.

D. Center Console:
I will not be going for the 100% OEM look on the center console. It will be more "inspired by" in design.

Short shift arm with black shift knob:
Rodney Dickman Shift Arm

Center Console switches:
-parking/head lights (toggle switch on-on-off)
-hazard lights (red push button on-off)
-fog lights (push button on-off)
-drive seat heater (round toggle switch on-off)
-passenger seat heater (round toggle switch on-off)
-HVAC LCD screen
-trunk (push button mom-off-mom)
-side mirrors (round rocker)
-fuel door (push button mom-off)

E. Stereo:
When it comes to stereos in kit cars, there is no real reason to go over board. After all the cars make a lot of noise. Due to budget constrains, I plan on installing the stereo on two phases.
Phase 1:
    - Pioneer Deck
    - Pioneer 6.5"+1" in the doors
    - Pioneer 6.5" on rear deck

Phase 2:
    - HiFonics 75x4 RMS Watt amp
    - Subwoofer

Subwoofer Notes:
The Fiero interior is compact. There is very little room to install a subwoofer. There are a couple of places to put the subwoofer and non of them are great. I plan on using the Pioneer shallow mount subwoofers and will build a box that is on the small side. This will give me some bass, but nothing earth shattering.

Location Pros Cons
Center Console Room for 10"
0.5 cubic feet can be done
Odd look
Behind Seats Room for 12" in width
Very limited depth
Under Dash No cutting of firewall
Very limited space
8" max
In Trunk Room for 5 12" Subs Sound only for people outside of car

Size Watts Mount Depth Box Size
8" 120 2.5" 0.15-0.5
10" 250 3" 0.35-0.7
12" 350 3.25" 0.5-1.0

F. Antennas:
Antennas are usually something you do not put much thought into. For the radio, I knew that I did not want a mast antenna sticking out of the car, nor one of those dorsal fins on the roof. I found Tune Trapper from ECS Corp that was designed to be mounted horizontal in a fiberglass car.
Radio Antenna
Cell Phone Antenna

G. 355 Interior Kits:
Robs 355 Interior
Kingdom Customs
Mr Mikes Seats

H. Sound Deadening:
My plan is to drive the car a lot and to do so I will need to have the cabin quite enough to use the cell phone. (Hands free of course) The roof, B and C Pillars will all be foamed in. The firewall, floor and doors will all be covered in sound deadening material.

Sound deadening material from Parts Express on doors, roof, fire wall and floor
Foil back heat insulation (aka hot water heater wrap from Home Depot) on floor and firewall. Not on doors.

Below are notes for my madness:

Drive Door:
-driver side window (toggle switch mom-off-mom)
-passenger side window (toggle switch mom-off-mom)

Passenger Door:
-passenger side window (toggle switch mom-off-mom)

Steering Wheel:
-radio volume (if I even get a radio)
-traction control (if I even get traction control)
-engine start