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1.   What is it?
        It is a Sterling kit car. Check out Sterling Central for more information.
2.   How much horsepower does it have?
        Right now, that would be about 48hp.
3.   How fast does it go?
        Do to the high gearing, small diameter tires, and the 48hp thing, about 80 MPH.
4.   How much did it cost?
        It is hard to say. I keep putting money into it.
5.   What type of gas mileage does it get?
        I once drove 400 miles on 10 gallons. That would be 40 MPG.
6.   I bet you pick up chicks in that?
        Actually, no. I usually get pick up by middle age women though.
7.   How much is you insurance?
        Since it is a show car, under $200 a year.
8.   Is it hard to get into that?
        It is fun.
9.   Why don't you slap a 454 in that?
        Quick answer is that it would be less than smart. With the 200lb VW motor and 70lb VW transmission, I am over 60% rear bias. A 454 weights over 600lbs, plus another 400lb in transmission and all of the water supply stuff, would weigh well over 1000lbs. It seems wrong to place 1000lbs in the rear of a 1500lb car. This would destroy the already bad polar moment I have now.
10.   How does it handle?
        You would think with the low weight it would handle great. It doesn't. The ride is ruff and loud. The car is 70% rear bias. Or better put, Newtonian understeer which transitions to Darwinian oversteer.
11.   How unsafe is that car?
        I like to refer it as having interactive crumple zones.