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The suspension is the stock 1971 VW type I with trailing arm front suspension and independent rear suspension. I am running the KYB GR-2 shocks all around and the Super Beetle front disk brakes. First, I must say that the disk brakes in the front are a must. On, the other hand the Kyb's make the ride very ruff. I could not tell if the car handled better with the old worn out shock or not, but the ride became harsh with the KYB's. I still have the issue that the rear sits to low.

Future Suspension Plans:
With the additional weight of the Subaru engine and the fact that the rear end sat too low with the VW engine, I will need to find a way to raise the back end. I could get coil overs from Eagle. The over engineered and cool solution is to run Air Ride shocks from Airkewld. I'm liking the Air Ride solution for it will make the ride nicer and give the ability to raise and lower the car. The Sterling has a long reach over the front wheels and I drag the front end often. So far, I have been lucky enough to not brake anything or worst, get the dreaded cracks over the front wheels.

Future Wheel Plans:
I am running the original 14x7 mag wheels. I have thought about getting some bigger rims. There is a lot of room in the rear wheel well to run wider wheels. I would like to find some 15x9 or 15x10 Mag for the rear. The car is very light and with the outdated suspension design, I have no plans on going over 15" on the rims.