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Head Lights

Dash: The dash is made of Birds Eye Maple and outfitted with Stewart-Warner Series III Gauges.

Seats:  The seats are the original that came with the kit. I would not call them perfect, but they do the job. The drivers side seat is not fully broken, but it is cracked. I will need to lay down some fiberglass to fix it. The seats covers are starting to show their age. The drivers seat is starting to rip. My plan is to fix the seat covers now and wait to replace them. I would also like to install seat heaters from Warm Seats. Mainly because I do not have any heat source in the car.

Seat belts:  I do not know how I want to tackle seat belts. Anything would be better than just the lap belt that I have now. My main issue now is to find a place to anchor the sholder belts. I think that I will have to build the roll cage first before I can install better seat belts. I will write more later.

Stereo:   The stereo works. I have 6 1/2" component speakers in the door and a Kicker subwoofer behind the drivers seat, all powered by a 100 Watt RMS x2 amp. I am using the amp in a three way configuration. This means that I have five speakers running off of a 2 channel amp. I know that this set up is not ideal, but with the car being so loud, I do not care.

I finally finish installing the carpet. The job is not professional but it looks a lot better than the old one.

More work on the carpet. I finished all of the cutting and sewing the pieces together. My delima of what to use to fasten down the carpet has been solved. Costco sells 20' long strands of velcro. I used one side of the velcro around the edges of the carpet to hold it down. I have no idea if this will hold for 30 years or not, but I can say that it holds it pretty well. The carpet is now in three formed and cut pieces. The drive and passenger foot wells, and the back area. The passenger foot well carpet is now fully installed. The drive side should be installed tomorrow. The back area still needs the vinal edge sewed on before I can install. I am almost done, and cannot wait to finish this project.

Worked on building a carpet kit. I now have a new found respect to people who do this for a living. Cutting the pieces of carpet and sewing them together is taking for ever. The bad news happened when I tried to use my wife's sewing machine to sew the vinal edges to the carpet, I broke her needle....twice

Today I tore out the seats and all of the nasty carpeting. Of course I found some light rust under the seats. I treated the rust and laid down more sound damping material.

07-Mar-2004: Started sound deadening installation under the driver and passengers legs. I picked up some generic sound deadening material from Parts Express. It looks and smells just like the name brand stuff, but is a lot cheeper. I am also using water heater installation from Home Depot. This stuff looks like fiberglass installation with a reflective siding. The hot rodders us this stuff, so I thought that I would try it. I was hoping to bring the noise in the cabin down to when on the freeway, so I do not have to yell to have my wife hear me.